This is a rare and beautiful doubletail-finned breed. The main feature is a very high dorsal fin and long, forkless, doubletail fins. The dorsal fin should be as high or higher than the body's depth and should be held high and erect. The forkless tail fins very in length from fish to fish, but in general they should be 1.25 to 2 times the length of the body.

The Veiltail has a short, egg-shaped body with a narrow, triangular head shape that ends at the mouth in a rounded point. Colors are pale in comparison to some other goldfish breeds. This is usually due to heavy culling and selecting for proper finnage first, with body shape and color as secondary considerations. This original beautiful egg shape Veiltail breed unfortunately is almost extinct today. Fortunately, we are seeing more and more Veiltail available in the Dragon Eye breed.

The finnage characteristics of a Veiltail are a recessive trait that can be crossed into other goldfish breeds such as the Telescopes, Pearlscale and Orandas. Due to their long finnage and highly inbred nature, Veiltails are sensitive to poor water quality. Ammonia levels must be very low for this breed to do well. In any event Veiltails are very rare, difficult to locate, expensive, and is more challenging to keep and breed.



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