The excessive growth of the fin-like tissue over each nostril of a goldfish is referred to as the pompom. This pompom has been bred into Orandas, Lionheads, Telescopes, and many other goldfish breeds. There are generally two different types of pompoms. One type without the dorsal fin, has a shorter body, no head growth, and a round, pea size growth over each nostril. The common colors of this type are calico, red/white and gold. The other type has a dorsal fin and a body very similar to that of the Oranda. This breed has the most color varieites. The velvet color with red pompom is quite popular today.




The Pompoms' nasal growths are very delicate. Even a soft net can rip damage them. Pompoms that have been torn off may or may not grow back. If they do grow back it will be smaller than the one not torn off for many months, if not years.


















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