Mission Statement

We strive to maintain the highest quality standard in the fancy goldfish trade.


Why Buy from Us?


How We Operate

Fancy goldfish are selectively breed by expert breeders in fish farms in China to produce the highest quality fancy goldfish.









Experienced efficient farm operations coupled with expert facility allows us to bring you the best fancy goldfish at the lowest prices.









Experienced goldfish farm operators manage the export facility in China, holding fish for health inspections and pre-shipping conditioning.









Our california facility holds the incoming goldfish in healthy controlled individual tanks to prevent diseases until the fish are ready to be shipped and updated on our stock list.








Another view of our facility.






Customer Satisfaction

We have been recognized as the best fancy goldfish distributor in North America for over 20 years. We have achieved 100% customer satisfaction from our loyal clients, who are national top tier wholesalers, chain store operators and pond fish specialists.

Customers like to work with us because we are able to provide them personalized attention in finding what they need. We have the largest selection at any given time throughout the year, the greatest quality differentiation from our peers, the most excellent customer service, and the most dependable shipment everytime. We strive to exceed customer expectations with our proven quality system, excellent operating method, and great customer service mentality.

Special Quality Fish Service

We also work with our customers to service their local goldfish hobbyists who looking for special quality fancy goldfish. We have special quality stock to satisfy your most discriminating goldfish clients. You can capture part of this untapped market without any competition. This business opportunity is substantial and we can help you achieve it. The key is to locate the source; Golden Phoenix Fisheries can find you what you need.





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