The original Pearlscale has a round, ball-shaped body with short side-fins, and forkless, short, doubletail fins. Today the Pearlscale can be found in the original form and those with long forked and forkless tail fins like in the Veiltail also.

Whichever style you prefer, all Pearl Scales have scales with a large white raised dome in the center of each scale. A high quality Pearl Scale will have large pearls in each scale especially those along the back. Pearlscales can be found in gold, red/white, calico, white, blue and black. It is interesting to note that the black pigment in the calico and black Pearlscales will cover the white pearl on each scale whereas the other colors the white pearl covers the color of the scale.



The Pearlscale is a big heavy fish and can reach a length of 8 inches or more. Due to its large size and fast growth, the Pearl Scale should be housed in a large aquarium. To help develop good body shape, a food high in carbohydrates and roughage should be used to feed it.

Pearlscales are strong fish but may not be for everyone to enjoy. This is a kind of goldfish with such distinct characteristic that there are no middle ground liking; either you love them or you absolutely hate them. A most popular cross breed from Pearlscale is the Pearlscale Oranda.












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