Orandas are characterized by a heavy growth of the tissue on the head. There are many different styles of head growth. The Red Cap Oranda has a cap developed on top of the head. Others have head growth covering the entire head, except for the gills. It takes up to two years to develop moderate head growth, and up to five years to fully develop. Head growth can be enhanced if fish are kept in clean water with low organic content and algae. High protein diets in confined rearing ponds also speed up the head growth process. When placed in a large pond, the oranda's head growth tends to slow down. *Jade Seal Oranda shown to the left.




The Oranda has more varieties than any other breed of goldfish. Orandas can have veil tails, pearl scales, telescope eyes, or bubble eyes. They can be found in every goldfish color and scale type. In general, Oranda should be egg-shaped with medium to long fins. Feeding a food fairly high in carbohydrates and roughage is important for proper body development. Once in a while, blood worms are a good source of protein for the developing headgrowth. Nowadays, different blends of feed have been developed for different types of goldfish. Orandas with large head growth must have good water quality with a high dissolved oxygen level. The high oxygen level is important because the head growth on the gill covers restricts the flow of water through the gills, lessening the oxygen they take in. Cool water is the easiest way to maintain high dissolved oxygen levels in your water. Oxygen solubility increases while the temperature decreases. *Red Cap Oranda



Orandas can reach lengths of eight to ten inches. However, there are exceptions. Most adults are around 6 inches long. Relatively new breeds in Oranda are the Panda (black and white), purple/blue and tri-colored (red/white/black, copper/white/red). With these color combinations, orandas can look quite interesting. Imagine a Red Cap Panda! Another quite popular Oranda variety is the Jade Seal which is a red Oranda with a yellowish white head growth.

*Panda Oranda





Red Oranda








Red and Black Oranda








Chocolate Oranda








Red and White Oranda
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