For simplicity we consider Dragon Eyes as Telescopes or Moors. Actually, there are some difference between them depending on the shape and the amount of protrusion of the eyes. This popular breed of goldfish is characterized by large bulging eyes. The body shape of a high quality dragon eye should be short and egg-shaped. Some Japanese Moors have very short, round, Ryukin-shaped bodies which are very highly prized. In recent years exceptional quality Dragon Eyes with short bodies have been produced in China.

The Dragon Eye can be found in every goldfish color. This breed is the only dependably black goldfish. Many black goldfish breeds like the Lionhead and Oranda have a tendency to pale or change to gold as they get older. Exceptional good quality is completely jet black including the anus. There is also a strong tendency for this type of fish to be bronze colored on the lower part of belly as the black moor grows older. The round body type can grow up to 5-6 inches whereas the long body type may reach lenghts of up to 8-10 inches. *The Panda Dragon Eye is shown in the picture above.


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