This dorsal-less goldfish breed has a fairly long body and is a very active swimmer. The pupils of the large bulging eyes are positioned so they are looking straight up towards the sky or look slightly cross-eyed, hence its name.

Celestials became quite common nowadays. However, they are subject to many defects which makes finding a well-breed Celestial Eye relatively more difficult. Good quality Celestials should have smooth backs, fairly long fins, and bright distinguishable colors. Usually found in gold, red/white colors. This fish's length can reach up to 6 inches.

It is interesting to note that all above mentioned eye breeds have poor eye sight compared to other types of fancy goldfish. It takes them longer to locate food because they mainly use their sense of smell. One should try not to overlydecorate the tank with sharp object to prevent harming this fish. *Red and White Celestial Eye Pom Pom shown in the picture.


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