The Bubble Eye is characterized by two large balloon-like spheres on both side of its head. The bubbles when view from above can be quite fascinating. There are two main eye types: the normal flush-type eye and upward-type eyes with the bubbles under each eye. The bubbles can be very large or fairly small. There are two body shapes. One being long and thin with long fins. The other being short and oval with medium fins.

The Bubble Eye is strong and easy to care for it. However, do take special care when handling to avoid popping the delicate bubbles.



A common quality of the Bubble Eye is the small bump on the back, which should be a full dorsal fin, but it has evolutionarly disappeared leaving behind a slight hump.

Bubble Eyes can be found in gold, red/white, calico, black and red & black. The largest Bubble Eyes can reach lengths longer than 8 inches. Sometimes the bubbles of an adult Bubble Eye grow so large that the fish has difficulties swimming normally.



*top Black Bubble Eye, Red & White Bubble Eye


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