It is very important to use the right equipment to keep your aquarium clean and healthy for your goldfish. Below are some useful tips for setting up your aquarium.

General Aquarium Set-up And Equipment:

The requirement for keeping healthy Fancy Goldfish is by far the most simple when compare to tropical or marine fish. For one thing they don't require temperature control. Fancy goldfish can thrift in severe cold and hot weather as long as the water temperature change is gradual. The following is a few simple suggestions for the aquarium set-up.

The Aquarium:

Due to their potentially large adult size, high oxygen demand and large appetite, goldfish should be kept in a larger aquarium. The hobbyist should consider a 30 gallon aquarium as the minimum size. Oxygen enters the aquarium water and gaseous wastes are dissipated from the water at the surface so that the larger the surface area, the more goldfish it can support. One should always consider the tank size that will not only support the fish when they are small but to consider enough room for the fish to grow to adult size.

Filtration System:

There are three common basic types of aquarium filtration systems: (1) mechanical, (2) biological and (3) chemical. The mechanical is simply some material such as floss or sponge etc. that can physically separate the waste particle as the water flow through them. Most often the mechanical element also serve as some biological filtering function. The biological filter usually some form high surface area (porous) material in an outside or canister filter or the gravel bed in the case for an under-gravel filter with established bacteria (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter). It takes a few weeks to cultivate beneficial bacteria before they can function effectively. In simple terms, the bacteria with the oxygen in the water break down or convert the toxic metabolic waste ammonia into slightly less harmful nitrites and then into a relatively safe chemical nitrate. The nitrate is removed from the tank by water change. Pet shop carries products that will seed the proper bacteria and increase the levels of bacteria. We strongly recommend to use it when setting up new tank with full load of fish. The chemical filter use granules of certain chemical that the undesirable toxin in the flowing water attached to by a process called chemisorption. Common material such as activated carbon is often used. It is because of the absorption properties, when treating fish with medication, the chemical filter should be removed from the filter.

Nowadays, the filter system is so advanced and easy to maintenance. I strongly recommend the outside power filter that are magnetic drive for quite and energy efficiency operation and with the combination of mechanical, chemical and biological filtering function. Since the water recirculation rate is very high and the water exposure to air usually re-oxygenate enough that no air pump is necessary. There are a few good blends of outside power filter available in the market. And the maintenance take about 5 minutes every 2 weeks which involve rinsing the dirt off the filter material and replace new chemical filter element. The biological filter element normally should not be changed to preserve the biological filtering function. Pay attention when starting new biological filter.

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